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If you have any question about technical issues, billing or need help and did not find the answer in our help section, contact us by filling out the form below. We will reply to your message as soon as possible. To understand your problem better, we always ask that you include as much relevant information as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here,feel free to email us by filling out the form above. To understand your problem better, we always ask that you include as much relevant information as possible.

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General FAQs

What is Couplelizer?

Couplelizer is a social dating website for people who are searching for real-life dating experiences. Our services are mainly focused on delivering the easiest way to go out on a real date. We believe that only conversations face-to-face can help you find the perfect match.

What makes Couplelizer different from other dating sites?

Couplelizer actually encourages to go on a real date instead of wasting your time on chats online. Simply create your first dating event, suggest a time and a place where you’d like to meet, invite as many people you think you’d like to go on a date with, and the person who accepts the invitation first gets to go on the actual date with you. Even if you not ready to ask others to date you - you can browse the community and wait for offers from others to roll in!
Also, in Couplelizer you will find only real photos - no fakes or Photoshop. To complete the short registration, all users have to do is take a photo with a webcam or smartphone.

Do I have to pay?

You can get started on Couplelizer absolutely free. Inside the site, you will need CP coins – virtual currency used to pay for various dating features. As long as you are an active member, you will be able to earn coins for free!

Registration FAQs

How to Sign up for Couplelizer?

In Couplelizer you will not find long tedious forms to complete, it only takes a minute to sign up. You will be asked to fill up your basic information only:
  • First name
  • Last name (hidden from other members)
  • Date of birth
  • Email address (hidden from other members)
  • Password
  • Gender
  • Orientation
  • First name
  • Zip code of your current location (you can either enter it or find it on the map; this is very important, because only nearby members will be shown to you). You will be able to change your location any-time, but remember, if you change your city, the time zone might be different from your last location.
The last step in the registration process will be to take your photo. You will be able to do it with your webcam or smartphone. That’s it! After the confirmation of your email address, you will be able to go on a date!

Profile & Account Settings FAQs

What additional information can be added to my profile and how?

Press on the small photo of you on the top right corner of the page and click on the section "Edit profile". Here you can add a short description about yourself. Remember to be creative, it always attracts others better.

What is the green indicator on my profile?

This is your reputation, which is visible to all members. All newly registered members receive a green indicator (the highest reputation). This means that you haven't got any complaints from others yet and you've never canceled an accepted date. Green means you are a trusted member! Member can get up to 10 bad reviews or cancelation of active dates before being banned from using the Couplelizer main features.
Member can get up to 10 bad reviews or cancelation of active dates and he is banned from using Couplelizer main features.

How can I change my orientation and age preferences?

Unfortunately, once this is set on registration, it cannot be changed by the user. That is why you have to be very accurate when signing up. If you need it to be changed, we will be happy to help you. Use the contact form to explain to us why it needs to be changed and we will send you further information.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Go to the Couplelizer homepage and click on the question mark in the top right corner of the page. Enter the email address you registered your Couplelizer to and we will send you further instructions.

How do I freeze or delete my profile?

Press on the small photo of you on the top right corner of the page and click on the section "Edit profile". If you freeze your account it instantly becomes invisible to other members, so you won’t get any dating invitations. If you delete your account, you will have 10 days to change your mind before it is removed permanently.

My profile was suspended or deleted. Why?

We screen profiles regularly so that we can keep the community safe and positive. Profiles that violate our terms of use will be suspended or removed, depending on the seriousness of the violation.
Please be sure that:
  • You have only one Couplelizer account.
  • Your profile does not contain any offensive content.
  • Your profile photo is not obscene, does not violate copyright and that your face is clearly visible.
  • You do not offend other members in any way.

Technical FAQs

Which browsers are most compatible with Couplelizer?

To get best experience we suggest you use Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. All browsers have to be upgraded to the latest versions.

I am having technical issues but did not find the answer here. What should I do?

Use the contact us page and provide as much information about your problem as possible, e.g. not just saying “Not working”. This will allow us to resolve your issue more effectively, so include any error messages you receive and information about which browser you are using.

I may have found a security bug. What do I do?

Report it to us as soon as possible. If it turns out to be true, you will get some coins as a reward.

Dating Features FAQs

What is a dating event?

In order to go on a date, you have to create your personal dating event. Then you should invite as many people you think you would like to go with, and the person who accepts the invitation first gets to go on the date.
By creating your date event you will have to add the time (the earliest this can be set is one hour in the future), place and age range. You can also add comments or further information, but this is optional.

What happens when my invitation is accepted?

All other sent invitations will be canceled automatically and your homepage starts showing accepted date information with chat options. At this point, you will not be able to get new invitations from other members, as you are already preparing for your date.

What if the other member did not show up on the date?

After the date is finished, you are able to leave a bad review. Go to the Dating Manager and look for the invitation from the other member (it will be marked as successful). After the submission of your review, his/her reputation will be lowered.

What is Dating Manager?

It is a history of all sent, received, expired, canceled, declined, and active invitations.
  • Sent invitations - what you have sent to other members.
  • Received invitations - what you have received from other members.
  • Expired invitations – invitations with no responses.
  • Canceled or declined invitations – invitations declined by users or those automatically cancelled because the user accepted another invitation.

What is "Invite later"?

Basically, it is the same as adding a favorite. You can add other members here to find them easily later. But if a member blocks you or freezes his/her account, they will be automatically removed from your list. Also, when you press "Invite later", the other user will not be notified of this action.

Is there an online chat option?

Yes. You can easily start a chat on every invitation page in the section called "Conversation".

What should I do if I see an inappropriate user’s photo?

Click on the button "Report user's photo" and we will take immediate actions. You can find this button next to every profile's information section.

Couplelizer Coins FAQs

What are Couplelizer Coins?

Couplelizer coins (CP Coins) are a virtual currency used to pay for various Couplelizer dating features.

How can I get CP Coins for free?

You can receive CP Coins daily by clicking the share on Facebook link, tweet on Twitter or by sharing on Google+. You are able to come back for more CP Coins for free. We are always thankful when you click like on our Facebook page, following us on Twitter and Google+. For doing this, you will get one time free CP Coins too. To learn more about these offers, go to the “Get Coins” page by clicking on the small photo of you on the top right corner of the page and then the “Get Coins” button.
Furthermore, all those members who help us to make Couplelizer even better (for example, email us with information about security bug or etc.) will be rewarded with free coins too. As you see, by being an active member you can use Couplelizer absolutely free.

For what dating features will I need to use CP Coins?

All members have to use CP Coins:
  • To accept invitations sent from other users.
  • For every chat message (Except when chat is for free: an hour before a date starts.)